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Bad Kitty Pottery

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Cats N Clay …

So, I am making cats. Anyone can make a mug. I make … cats.

It started off with my better half asking if I’d make representations of the cats that have flowed through our lives in clay : first there was Torte, and then Pushkin and Quibbens, then the X, Y, Z crew of Egrek, Eeks, and Zed and finally there was Hazel and Sapphire, and we’re left with just Ruby. Just a few felines. We’ve loved them all.

But what started as a small project has now taken on a life of its own. If someone had told me the entertainment level doing this was going to be as high as it was before I started, I would have started it long ago. Maybe even before putting up with some of the shit jobs that I hung around to torture myself with.

We’ll see where this takes me. I am pondering many other body designs, other colors, different production techniques, maybe even taking commissions to make your family pet, and oh, perhaps I’ll finally get around to creating replicates of my own cats … like I was going to, you know, in the beginning.

For now, enjoy. Oh yeah, and if you want to give them a home, please do. I’m going to run out of room here soon. As to the names, that’s my daughter coming up with fun names. You can rename them if you want to, as it’s just for us to know who’d bring bad snd who we’re yelling at.

Answering some questions that have been asked :

How big are the cats? Each cats dimensions are listed in their individual “shop” info section. An easier way to think about the size is think coffee cup but flipped upside down and given a feline feel.

Are they molded? No. The bodies are wheel thrown, and once they are leather hard clay we make a batch of heads. Once the heads are a little dry the two components are put together based on what head we feel goes with what body. They are then carved for arms, legs, and tails and let to dry. After dry the second or third colors of slip is painted on to give each cat a truly one of a kind soul.

Do you do custom cats, like a replica of my cat? Yes. I was asked just recently by a friend to make a Bad Kitty that looked like their beloved cat who just recently passed on. I am in the process of building this cat over the next two weeks and will post pictures of the piece after it’s done.


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