In the beginning photography was a way for me to record my work as a ceramicist and send images to galleries. That's it. I had taken classes in photography in college, but never pursued it as an art form. Then I saw an exhibition of Garry Winogrand, and my reasons for taking pictures changed dramatically after that. That was 1978. I plodded along producing absolute crap for the first few years but as most things go, if you have a passion and you work at it long enough, you start to develop both a style and realize what works and what doesn’t from being your own worst critic. Those feelings I had for the geometry, patterns and symmetry as applied to my pottery made sense to me in overall design of the images I was making. To get comfortable photographing people, I thought of people as elements of design, as props in my photos … well, and then seeing Elliott Erwitt's work, people became a way of embracing humanity and humor as a photographic element.  

People ask if I'm a street photographer, which makes me ponder this pigeon hole question. I truly feel the term "street photographer" today tries way too hard to be a moniker for being hip. Those who shot first on the street were anything but hip. They were more journalist. Trying to show the human condition and trying to do it as an art form. For a lot of them it wasn't about being noticed or liked, it was more about the work. About shooting. So no, do not peg me as street photographer. If anything making images for me is a way to show the singularity of the human experience that each of us has. Our experiencing this world is still based on each persons individuals senses. We are, in cosmic terms, our own little universes. And today with social media, being social can only give us a pinch of validation to our individual experience. So instead one must embrace that singularity, that human reaction to the experience, to the landscape, and the humor that it sometimes produces and try to be there when it happens. Always with the luck of consciously being there.  

As to where I've come from, I've been working in the photo industry for thirty five years. Many hats ... from managing the pro departments in some of the best photo stores in SoCal, then when that got tiring there was being a manufacturer rep, which led to distributing photo products from Europe in the USA, and at the same time consulting and helping new products get their foot in the photo industry door. That led to taking a little Seattle based camera strap company from nothing to world wide distribution. 

All that time ... doing what I've grown to love ... making images. As to this website, it is about me finally coming to terms with showing what thirty seven years of using a camera can do. 

Originally from Seattle ... and residing there once again ... after side trips to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Kansas City. 

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Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella


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