Studio :: Euphony ...

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It's been five months of playing and pondering as to how I want these things I create to look. It's been an birthing process of making pieces, throwing the shit out, rethinking, making more pieces, throwing more shit out ...

I thought I liked what I did the other day, but upon reflection, it wasn’t quite there. 

Then, when you're just sitting around having a cup of whatever and doodling new shapes, in that moment is finally when your damn mind latches on to the creative stream that runs above your head and it makes you think outside the box. 

That happened yesterday. 

Today I went out to the studio, grabbed a new half way finished piece, and put those thoughts I'd had to clay. And when I stepped back I can honestly say was finally happy with something. I went back and grabbed the two previous pieces I'd finished (which were ok but still shit) and redid them with the same new technique. 

Can I say I'm finally smiling? 

I feel I'm heading in the right direction and not floundering without a preserver. 


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