Facebook Revisited

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This was an blog post I wrote in 2015 … how apropos.


I left you over three years ago, but everywhere I go on the internet, you stalk me. Any site which has your login also plants a cache kernel in my cookies folder no matter if you click on it or not. Can I just say to the entire internet, all the companies, artists, and websites who feel you can’t live life without Facebook, wake the fuck up … life does go on after you leave FB. In fact studies show that people who have left are happier and less stressed. 

I left Facebook because they used my friends to try and sell me crap … and when I say used my friends, I mean they made it look like my friends messaged me saying how great a particular product was. When I messaged my friend back asking if they really liked it, they said “What? No, I didn’t do that.” and explained they didn’t know anything about the product in question. I didn’t know at that point that I was the leading edge of what would turn out to be Facebook getting caught, sued, and ending up having to pay for deceptive advertising. To me they seriously have no ethics. Any of you companies out there who don’t see the ethics question, don't think it's important, well perhaps you should. Because it really reflects on you as a brand and a culture.

And again … really Facebook … I want to be left alone. I don't need you sneaking around doing your trolling for info even when I'm not on your site. Even when I'm not even a member. I don't need you. If I want to connect to my friends I’ll either text them or pick up the phone, I don’t need you using me for your own betterment and being the gatekeeper for all my social interaction. That is not how life should be … with you between me and the people I love. 

I just read an article about how Facebook figures out for their users who they need to be friends with, and who gets to be on their rosters of friends, two of the lists that now populate the Facebook feed. It’s creepy and it's sick. In the process they seem to be messing with peoples lives and relationships. As in what if a girl shows up high on the list and is not your wife or the girl you’re really dating? Funny to some, but ultimately adding doubt and stress where there doesn’t need to be any.  

And why … so Marky Z can make an extra buck? 

Count me out of trying to help … and again Marky Z. quit stalking me and the others who have left your sad means for social interaction. 

In light of what we know now Facebook has never had any ethics and is only gamed to help itself and who ever will pay for their data. I'm glad I got off when I did, and I think it's time the rest of humanity does too.