Salon de la Photo :: Paris - 2013

While working for the Seattle based strap company I attended many trade shows. Some of them were more enjoyable to attend than others. When I say enjoyable, everyone assumes that to travel to a foreign city and do a trade show would be a wonderful thing, right? But what if the trade show runs from 9 in the morning till 9 at night (Bangkok) or it takes you 45 minutes each way to get to the convention center because it's out in the middle of nowhere (Moscow). Then all you're seeing is the travel to and from the convention center, the trade show floor, and inside of your hotel room and the back of your eyelids. 

But then there's Paris. The Salon trade show is long (five days) but you're in Paris ... and when you get off it is still with enough time to go someplace and enjoy the best that Paris can offer culinarily speaking. I tried to always come in and go out in Paris with extra days on either side, just so that wandering around and enjoying the city was a possibility. 

These images are from 2013.

Shooting Sony at the time.