Photo Plus Expo - Deux

Just got back from New York and Photo Plus Expo.

Landed in Newark and hit the ground running with three days of shooting and catching up with friends. Can't say thank you enough for those who I caught up with. It was amazing to spend time with all of you.

The take away from the show was that there is a very strong push coming from the mirrorless market that could wipe away (rumor mill running) some of the previous big names in photo like Hasselblad and Pentax. As in you no longer need a huge camera body to produce files that can be used in any form of marketing. It's scary to think of the afore mentioned photo names going away, but life is about change is it not? 

Also had a chance to do some meeting with new clients, doing a wee bit of consulting, and coming away with the feeling that even though there is a contracting of the overall photo industry those that are positioned correctly are getting stronger.  

Had a lot of fun though and I can't wait till next year.