Studio :: November

©m.f.gottula 2018-8702.jpg

It has almost been a year. Almost a year from the re-establishment of my studio and starting to play again. As we roll into November I am on a schedule to complete ten pieces over the next week, weather permitting of course, that finally speak to the work I’ve been dreaming about making. If you were to page through my sketchbooks I’ve been drawing in over the last year, these are the designs you’d see. It’s so fulfilling to finally see them come to life.

From the overall shapes, to the well defined feet that lend themselves to the overall design, this is how I had envisioned my work.

It’s interesting to see how it evolved from the last work I did some thirty odd years ago.

©m.f.gottula 2018-6084.jpg
©m.f.gottula 2018-2027.jpg

marc fredric gottula