Studio :: October

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Was working away on the building out of the e-commerce of my old website, it’s connection to Instagram, and hopefully … at some point … being able to push the button and it all works. But lucky for me the shipping page was being overly fussy putting the right values in and calculating shipping costs. It made a pause happen …

In that pause came the feeling of not really liking the results so far, having grown tired of the old website, and prompted looking for a new template. A template that was easier to edit, to navigate, and would give those brave enough to land on my website, an experience better than looking for new health care packages. Which how I felt about the old website.

Six hours later, it was done. Six hours! And here I spent weeks battling the old website. Embrace the new and vastly improved is what I’m learning here.

My lovely “video marketing” spouse (Idea Decanter) now wants to help with a video showing the process and there’s also been extensive exploring of new ideas, and marketing that can be done over the next six months.

This also includes the artist finally getting off his ass and making some new things.

All good … back out to the studio.

marc fredric gottula