Studio :: One Month Passes


It's been about a month since the last scribbling here and the needle has moved quite a bit forward. All the first small test pieces have kept their glass like surface through the last burnishing (technique refinement) and thankfully through the bisque firing. Those twelve test pieces are now awaiting the first pit firing. 

From there, with the help of shots of coffee, cat naps, lots of design drawings were done over a two week period. Four new pieces have been thrown, trimmed, shaped, and first burnished and then waited for design to be applied. These new pieces are bigger, and canvases like, to play around on. 


Above are four of the twelve test pieces after they were pulled from the bisque firing. They will soon be taken through the first pit firing once the weather holds for a period of a few days. It's a wee bit of a problem with Seattle. Rain always shows up when you least want it. 

Next week has multiple sunny days and we'll try to get a firing done one of those days. Which presented another small supply issue with finding a source to sell me sawdust in a quantity that did not involve a railroad car. Thanks to the folks at Fritch Mills for giving a source that's about fifteen minutes away and in quantities that can be moved using a pickup truck. 


Clay truffles ... small globs of clay shaped like truffles and left to dry. These will become the feet ...


... for the new pieces. It helps the piece so that it's not just boringly sitting on the surface it's on. If you look closely to the image of the piece way up top it's sitting on these new feet. These pieces are in the 30cm tall range. We will start working even bigger when the time comes, eventually working about double the height for some pieces..