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The first wave of pieces having been thrown, trimmed, shaped, scraped, burnished and treated are now ready for a little design work ... which is going slowly ... as it's all experimenting. This is the third piece and we’re beginning to hit a zone of how the pieces should look before it gets it's first firing (bisque) where it will then await the final pit firing. 

A piece is never done until it's finally fired. So much can still happen. Until then this all just playing around and at the same time trying to keep the Grim Reaper of Pottery away until you get them out of the final flame. 

Can I say that disconnecting from one line of work and plugging oneself into another, it takes some time to change one’s mindset to embrace the new pattern of work. It’s hard to get rid of what was done everyday for ten years and start a new pattern of existence.

Like going from answering two hundred emails a day … to just checking the junk mail.

marc fredric gottula