Seattle :: The Cheap Barrel


"Do you have stainless steel oil barrels?"

"Yes, like this?" points at a barrel about five feet away.

"Yeah, exactly."

"Where's your car?"

"It's the yellow Countryman over there. I’ve already measured it and it fits."

"Go open the back." To which I sprint over and throw open the back of the car. He rolls the barrel over, and in one movement pitches the barrel into my car, then turns to me, "you got twenty bucks?"

Which I open my wallet and pull a bill out. He grabs it and says "Close the lid and get out of here." And disappears back into the barrel yard. 

I now have a pit fire barrel for the back yard. I was going to build a brick firing area and still may, but this lovely barrel will get me going.

marc fredric gottula