Seattle :: Bye Photo Industry


After thirty seven years it's time to say goodbye to the photo industry.

And it's funny because I use to love the photo industry. And working for start ups as a consultant was the most fun, but there's the dark side. There’s a greed that sets in, and that greed makes these start up companies lose sight of who they are and what's important. Money is all that’s seen. I've seen it happen three times now. And each time I've had to walk away. When I say walk away, literally it’s pick up the phone and speak the words, “we’re done”.

It of course makes one take away the feeling it's not been worth the effort. In fact it's really been a total waste of time. And we’re talking ten plus years as a consultant.

You make someone a whole lot of money by selling their shit, watch them blow said money on their own ego, and then get out of the way as the wheels come off the company. These principals can't understand what's happening because they've been absentee owners, out spending the capital that should have paid the company bills, and are then reduced to finger pointing at everyone other than themselves as the ground comes up at them from the fall. 

As I said ... I'm quitting. At this point I'm going to be selfish and work on what I should have stuck with all along. My ceramic business. Without any damn distractions. Now I can devote my entire life to making art again. 

And I couldn't be happier. 

marc fredric gottula