New York :: Pause


It’s called taking a step back. To assess, look at the headings, and make sure of the course is correct so that one doesn’t waste a lot of time and effort getting started. The one good thing from the kitty’s death is she made me stop, take a breath, and have a clear look.  

I also got the flu, which provided me with an opportunity to stop drinking, start eating better, and truly relax for once … which all helped in the process. 

There was also my dear wife who also helped, as she is a great person to go back and forth with in conversation, creating ideas out of thin air. 

The clarity out of all of this gives a real sense already going off the rails and not being true to where one is. Which is to say, you can’t really link where you are today with the way you use to work, because you’re not that person anymore.

marc fredric gottula